About Us

Remote Project Services Group (RPSG) is a privately-owned Company with its headquarters in Switzerland and regional offices in Dubai and Baghdad.

We are an integrated life support services provider specialising in delivering expeditionary and support services in remote locations, challenging environments and conflict zones. Our core competencies lie mainly within the oil and gas, defence and governmental sectors. Our expertise includes full turnkey camp solutions, transport and logistics, consultancy and life support services, ranging from complete facilities management to catering, operations, maintenance, laundry and tailoring, vector control, waste management and labour support.

We have successfully delivered in some of the most austere and challenging locations with a particular focus on Iraq.


Local Content

We recognise that we have a direct impact on local communities through our operations, potential employment, supply and subcontract agreements, offices and personnel. We recognise that good relations with local communities are fundamental to our sustained success and that of our clients and we acknowledge that we have a role working alongside those clients to ensure sound local relationships and social capacity development...We believe that working in partnership with businesses and communities over a sustained period of time is the most effective way to achieve genuine stability, improved security and lasting change. Effective social and economic engagement should be seen as a security enabler. Our approach is to engage with community leaders, non-governmental organisations, charities and where they exist, Client Community Liaison Staff to understand the impact of our activities and changes in business, trade and the wider society.
We are proud that many of our contracts employ over 75% local content and, in some cases, higher.

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Our History

RPSG was established in 2003 to provide camp construction, life support and camp management in Iraq. We have worked on US bases,providing site service management,including catering,..laundry, housekeeping and operational level maintenance and logistics support.

This has seen us, at peak periods, serve up to 12,000 meals per day with staff numbers of over 1,200.  With the increased focus on the Oil and Gas and construction sectors in Iraq, we have transitioned to provide our full range of services to many organisations working in these areas.

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